What is the Darcrus ecosystem in a nutshell?

2018-04-18 18:30

The Darcrus ICO raised the funds to pay for development services provided by Sigwo Technologies. The Darcrus token is needed by developers that want to make their own decentralized application without the help of Sigwo Technologies.

Sigwo Technologies’ core product is Jupiter, a private blockchain for its clients. There are various fully customizable software packages available for different needs to protect, encrypt and store information on the Jupiter blockchain. However, because it is a private blockchain people could accuse insiders to have modified the data.

This is where Mercury shows up. This publicly available Waves asset is used to connect the private chain with the public Waves blockchain. Every block hash of the private blockchain is automatically timestamped to the public one, with Mercury used as transaction fee. This timestamp is used as the public proof nobody modified the data. The power of the Mercury token is its cross-chain capability and the dual-chain provenance for the products being sold. This all results in a continuous circle, because Sigwo Technologies needs to buy Mercury for its clients for the dual-chain provenance, miners accept this as fee and may sell it on the market again. Furthermore, Mercury can be used as transaction fee in the Waves wallet and an encrypted messaging system called Metis will also be powered by Mercury.

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